Meet Amira Jestine, the ambitious founder of PLUCKEDHERWAY LLC. ☆

A Humble Beginning with Synthetic Wigs

Amira Jestine is a young, ambitious entrepreneur who started her journey while still in high school, when she had to decide between more affordable synthetic wigs and pricey human hair wigs. Guided by her family's budget and personal experiences, she embarked on a path that would shape her future and the lives of countless others.

From Imperfection to Mastery: Amira's Dedication Shines

Amira's first attempts at wig installs were far from perfect, but her unwavering determination drove her to improve. She dedicated herself to mastering the ability of putting synthetic wigs to achieve a natural, seamless appearance after graduating from high school in 2022. Her dedication to continuous learning established her as a rising entrepreneur with an insatiable drive for success.

TikTok: A Platform for Sharing, Connecting, and Educating

Leveraging the power of social media, Amira turned to TikTok as a platform to document her journey and newfound expertise. Her genuine and educational material soon struck a chord with a large audience, resulting in viral sensations via her wig installation and plucking tutorials. Amira built a supportive community of like-minded women who shared her passion for synthetic wigs, through her videos building an environment of mutual learning and celebration.

Empowerment in Action: The Birth of PLUCKEDHERWAY LLC

Amira's passion, as well as the ties she formed with her online community, fueled her desire to give back on a bigger scale. As a result, PLUCKEDHERWAY LLC was formed. Based on Amira's mission to inspiring others, the business aims to address the challenges that people have while trying to achieve a natural look using synthetic wigs. Amira's goal is to create confidence and self-expression in her clientele through customized synthetic wigs.

A Vision of Confidence and Self-Expression

Amira's vision for PLUCKEDHERWAY LLC goes beyond standard business objectives. Her ultimate objective is to create a world in which people may proudly embrace their love of synthetic wigs. Through her meticulous customization process, each wig becomes a symbol of Amira's dedication to authenticity and her clients' empowerment

"It isn't just a business; it's a movement that encourages everyone to embrace their distinct style and rewrite their narratives, one customized synthetic wig at a time." - CEO of PLUCKEDHERWAY LLC.